Warning and precautions for European customers buying Triode products.

When buying Triode products, we strongly recommend that you only buy from authorized European Triode dealers.

All Triode products for the European market are specially made with 220V – 230V or 240V power supply, in the Triode factory in Japan, and each product is individually tested and verified.

Products made for non-European markets with 110 V are different from European products, do not have EU / CE certification and are not intended to work on the European market. Do not attempt to use them via voltage converters, transformers or other types of adapters, the products will not work as intended and the performance will not be of satisfactory quality.

Due to the difference in voltage and construction of such products compared to products made for the European market, they can pose a serious danger to users, the risk of electric shock or fire hazard.

When buying Triode products, be careful not to be misled by the low price on some online platforms.

You can find Triode products on online platforms, online auctions, in used or recycling stores. Triode products that do not comply with European 220V – 230V, CE standards are on sale and these products can sometimes be repaired or unchecked for quality. In most cases, these products can be defective or old, and repair costs are high. You have no warranty or support for such products from our European network of dealers and service technicians.

We sincerely advise you not to make such purchases, especially now that you can buy verified and certified Triode products with a European warranty, from authorized European Triode dealers.

Prices of Triode products on the European market are similar; the price difference may be insignificant, difference may occur due to the different percentage of VAT applied by each country.

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